Our party tents can easily be set up by our
customers. The sizes we carry seat 50-100
people, depending on arrangements.
20x20 Stake Down
20x20 Frame
Note: You can also put 2 20x20 tents
togetherto have a 20x40
20x30 Stake Down
Side Curtains are available:
5 Ft. Round
8 Ft. Banquet
6Ft. Deli Tables
     *Add 75-100 pounds of ice to
               keep your food and beverages
      cold and fresh. It has a tapered      bottom and a two stage drain system.
Disposable Waste Receptacle
Fold them out, use them, then either
them away or fold them back up and use
again. Great for any partyor event.
Brown Plastic Folding Chairs
White Stacking Bistro Chairs
Party Rentals- Tents, Tables, Chairs      218-744-4443