Q & A’S


Q. I had my tank pumped last week. Is it possible that it’s full already?

A. Not only is it possible, it’s necessary. Septic tanks are designed to operate full for proper water/solids separation.


Q. Is there anything I can put in my tank to avoid pumping?

A. No. Some of the material in the tank is not biodegradable. This material must be pumped out.


Q. My system backed up recently for the first time in many years. Why should I start maintaining now?

A. Even though the backup may have been caused by broken pipes, tree roots intruding into your lines, or some other obstruction, it is also possible that this backup is the first sign of system failure. Call your contractor to discuss your system.


Q. Can I empty my Hot tub water into my septic system?

A. No, emptying hot tub water into your septic system stirs the solids in the tank and pushes them out into the drainfield, causing it to clog or fail.


Q. What are some septic failure symptoms?

A. Check for pooling water or muddy soil around system or in your basement. Notice whether your toilet or sink backs up when you flush or do laundry. You may also notice strips of bright green grass over the drainfield. They also fail when partially treated wastewater comes into contact with groundwater. This failure is not easy to detect.


Q. What does an Inspection include?

A. Locating the system, uncovering access holes, flushing the toilets, checking for signs of backup, measuring scum and sludge layers, identifying any leaks, inspecting mechanical components, pumping the tank if necessary.

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